Save Our Ocean Environment

Crystal Diving LLC we invest in the future of our planet. Everyone is part of the change.

  1. We want healthy and clean waters. Our Company takes part in helping clean up the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams.
  2. We help to maintain the safety of marine life in any Regions of the world by promoting the knowledge of Fish Identification and determining the counts of endangered species under water.
  3. Our Company’s goal is to save all of the natural water forms and building reefs in the ocean, fixing current ones and protecting marine life worldwide.
  4. We extend our hands in helping clean our environment. We teach children to be aware in cleaning, saving and beautifying the wondrous nature.
  5. Some of our trips depending on the availability of the location, with the coordination of marine life facilitators, we are visiting the moratorium sanctuary to find out the marine life studies. Including fish and mammals feeding, how the medical assistance for these water creatures works. The trips help the students and groups in learning how to enhance the faculty training to undergo and understand the common objectives in helping expand the rehabilitation programs for a better and clean surroundings in marine life.
  6. Crystal Diving LLC follows Project AWARE’S 10 Tips for divers to protect the ocean planet.

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