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Dive Buddy Program- wanting to work and dive with persons with disabilities and, Instructors, Assistant Instructor and Dive Master Crossovers
Captain Curt Jablin, HSA Course Director: 602-840-0669

Crystal Diving LLC offers specialized experiences and training for individuals with disabilities, or those wanting to work with persons with disabilities (Dive Buddy Program). You can get your Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Buddy Diver Ratings through Crystal Diving LLC.

We also offer Crossovers from other agencies to: HSA Dive master, HSA Assistant Instructor, HSA Instructor and the Dive Buddy Program – wanting to work and dive with persons with disabilities.

You are invited to join this elite group of concerned and dedicated Instructors and Dive Buddy Program – those wanting to work with persons with disabilities.

The Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor Training Course has been taught to over 1,400 leading Underwater Educators throughout the world since 1986. Eighteen Medical Doctors, and numerous other health professionals, in forty-one Countries have been trained and certified through this program.

No other Scuba Training program exists anywhere in the world like this. The training is so unique you can’t even prepare for it; you must “experience” it.

In just three education packed days you will learn what disabilities are, what accessibility is, what HSA training procedures are, and more. During TEN Hours of interactive Lectures you will be introduced to thirteen types of disabilities, HSA training procedures and Multilevel Certification, special considerations for classroom and in-water training, equipment and accessibility considerations.

During FIVE HOURS of Confined water training you will be “handicapped” with your legs tied together, and with blacked out masks, then put into typically problematic training scenarios to “experience” what your students will experience. As a Scuba Instructor you teach your students to do what you do. If you haven’t experienced what they will experience, you do not have the tools to teach them. This will give you the tools.

Student logistics can change significantly when disabilities are introduced into your tried and true training procedures. The half-day OPEN WATER TRAINING will prepare you to be “flexible” when conducting open water training, and dive planning.

Who is eligible for this course? Certified Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Dive Masters and Buddy Divers.


Cost includes: Registration, All Lectures, Pool Sessions, Manual, Cue cards, Local Dive and C-card processing fee.


Day 1: 1:00PM to 7:00PM: Lectures is a Power Point Presentation
Day 2: 9:00AM to 5:30PM: Pool Skills & Lectures
Day 3: 9:00AM to 4:00PM: Open Water Dive, Final Exam (done as a group) and process of certification cards

  • You will need a full set of scuba equipment, including a WET SUIT (5 mm); you will be in the water for long periods of time and will get cold if you are not properly dressed.
  • Two Pass Port sized photographs of yourself. E- mail to Instructor.
  • Two Tanks and Weight Belts
  • Bring lunch, lots of water /Gatorade and fruit
Paid in full before class starts

CONFINED WATER (cont.)Simulating disability types while performing typically problematic exercises helps you develop the skills and sensitivity you will need to teach your students with disabilities.

You will simulate PARAPLEGIA by taking off your fins, tying your legs together and simulating functional loss of your stomach, back and leg muscles. You will then perform a series of skills such as an Emergency Swimming Ascent with an oral inflation of your BCD at the surface.

You will simulate QUADRIPLEGIA by simulating complete functional loss of ALL muscle groups below the level of your neck, thereby becoming totally dependent upon your buddies for most of your diving activities. Conversely, as the able-bodied Instructor of the Quadriplegic Diver you will be required to perform basic Scuba skills, such as descending while controlling buoyancy for both you and your student, as well as a variety of emergency procedures designed to prepare you for the real world.

You will simulate BLINDNESS by wearing a blacked out mask and thereby becoming dependent upon your buddy for your visual needs, and dependent upon “tactile” methods of communication while underwater. As the Instructor you will be required to “tell your student such things as, adjust your buoyancy, perform an emergency swimming ascent, and buddy breathe as the donor.

When possible, you will have the opportunity to give a SCUBA EXPERIENCE to someone with a disability. This will include basic Scuba skills such as, swimming, recovering the regulator second stage, breathing from an alternate air source and mask clearing. Simulating disability types while performing typically problematic exercises helps you develop the skills and sensitivity you will need to teach your students with disabilities.

“As a practicing PADI Master Instructor, IDC Staff, and Speciality Instructor, I become a Course Director for the Handicapped Scuba Association in 1991. I have had the opportunity to teach scuba in 43 countries so far, and expose people to the underwater world. As the owner of Crystal Diving LLC, I love my job! I get to work with Awesome people, teaching able bodies and impaired divers to get their first taste for the Underwater world. Contact us so we can work with you and your team. Warm Regards.”

Captain Curt Jablin, HSA Course Director #20
PADI Master Instructor, IDC Staff, Specialty Instructor and EFR Instructor

OPEN WATER: The open water training is about logistics. You will be in a group of three: one with their legs tied simulating

PARAPLEGIA, one wearing a blacked out mask simulating BLINDNESS and one acting as the INSTRUCTOR. It is the Instructors’ responsibility to take their two handicapped students on a successful Scuba dive of about 10 minutes. When the Instructor has completed the dive and the Students out of the water, the Blind student will remove the blacked out mask and become an able-bodied assistant for the Instructor. The Paraplegic student will become QUADRIPLEGIC and the Instructor, along with the assistant, will take the Quadriplegic student on a dive of about 10 minutes. You will play all four roles.

EXAM: The Exam is Multiple Choice and takes about 2 hours to complete. It is an Open Book exam and you will discuss the questions and answers among yourselves, the discussion is part of the exam. When you have finished the Course Director will correct it with you. You are encouraged to discuss any of the questions with him, including disagreements about the answers.

This course is open to INSTRUCTORS, ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS and DIVE MASTERS. Upon successful completion of all phases of the ITC training, you will be Certified as an HSA Instructor, Assistant Instructor or Dive Master.




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