10 Reasons Why Everyone Deserves a BEMER

  • 1.6 million new cancer cases in 2016, don’t wait for the diagnosis, start preventative care now
  • 1 in 2 people are low in cellular oxygen, BEMER brings more oxygen to the muscles, more oxygen to the body
  • 85% of population is deficient in at least 10 major nutrients
  • After age 30, we start losing elasticity of our blood vessels including arteries, capillaries, and poor lifestyle choices and environmental factors
  • The older we get, the less absorption of food we have, the less we are able to get nutrition to the cells and sustain organ functions
  • Inflammation is the root cause of all disease and inflammation can be controlled by proper removal of toxins and better delivery of nutrition to the cells.
  • The medical approach is to deal with disease, to have a quality of life RATHER, we need to deal with the perseveration and restoration of health. Crisis care and medications are not life sustaining and do not promote a quality of life.
  • We cannot afford the high cost of health care as we age. A major health care issue and chronic disease can financially wipe out a person’s savings or retirement plans.
  • This is the most effective anti-aging approach or modality that has an optimum delivery system of nutrition and oxygen to the cells. No other device has this high potential besides the BEMER.
  • The ability to take charge of our own health and be able to produce a better-quality existence for many years.

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